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The school aims at providing academic excellence as well as cultural, emotional and spiritual empowerment of the children alongwith imparting the much needed value based education in order to mould the very character of the younger generation through a sound academic curriculum.

Our School aims at the broader development of the complete personality of the student.  Special sessions are convened in order to impart the values that the modern society is looking for.  Our sessions have the mission to equip our children with secular ethics, essence of integrity, uncompromising honesty, the indepth understanding of the motherland’s rich heritage and culture.  All these are possible when we select such syllabi from the primary stream itself.  Monthly workshops are being organized to empower our children with the basics of some day to day domestic and social responsibilities to be attended to. 


School celebrates almost all important festivals both the regional and national like Onam, Christmas, Ramzan etc… and eventful days like Gandhi Jayanthi, Independence Day.

The school takes the initiative to celebrate Martyr’s Day, AID’s Day, World Disability Day, Children’s Day, Constitution Day, Forgiveness Day, Teacher’s Day, Hindi Day, National Sport’s Day, World Hiroshima Day, World Environment Day etc…


The school is situated in an environment friendly and academic ambience where the children get benefitted in more ways than one. Experienced and committed management, erudite faculty, easy and accessible conveyance, recreational facilities, vast playground, special training in Yoga, uninterrupted communication, updated curriculum with the help of sophisticated Smart Class Boards and the like.

Ours is a FUTURE READY SCHOOL with an updated curriculum and a vibrant syllabi getting strong support from Smart Boards in all classrooms enabling the kids to enjoy the fruits of knowledge and technology. 

Our classes are decorated with Pin Cushion Boards where the children can display their creative works in the form of a picture, poem, skit, cartoons, caricature etc… 

The boards that are provided outside each class where the children can display ‘The News of the Week’, a News Paper designed and edited by the students belonging to each club. 

We are strong with a good library, which caters to the need of our children.  We have a good collection of English, Hindi and Malayalam books on Literature, Science, History, Economics, Maths, Medicine etc…  School subscribes almost all regional and national dailies available other than the subscription of a good number of magazines including the Children’s Series aiming at improving the reading habits of the children by taking them away little by little from the onslaught of mobiles, internet, TV and such other gadgets. 

The school is in possession of a sophisticated lab where the student feels at home while doing the experiments from Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Mathematics.

Our school is second to none as far as the drinking water facility is concerned.  We have H2O Water Treatment and Purifier Plant (capacity 1000 Ltrs: 1 Unit) and Aquaguard Water Purifier (Portable Unit – 10 nos.) which surely ensures the purity of the drinking water. 

When it comes to the sanitation facilities, we have Urinals and Toilets both for boys and girls which surely surpasses the given stipulations.  We have Automatic, Electric Sanitary Napkin Incinerator installed in every ladies toilet with Napkin Vendors. 

From the desk of the Chariman

Welcome to our School!

Welcome to Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust, we help pupils to achieve academic excellence and to become good citizens. Here is an opportunity for you to join the elite group of technology led school in the district. We take additional measures to make a child interested in the various subjects, and thus leading him through the sagacious path of both scholastic and co-scholastic curriculum.

From the desk of the Principal


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